Redeeming Sexual Love, Weekly Quotable

Weekly Quotable: I shared this course with my husband every Monday night and just by that communicating, we understand each other much more. –Participant 4F

12 May 2016

RSL-Bible Study Participant Survey

Redeeming Sexual Love Questionnaire
Redeeming Sexual Love ...By the Power of God's Plan (RSL) has developed, and come to be, greatly as a result of people who have allowed us the honor of sharing life journeys. The surveys below represent couples and individuals who have worked through RSL in various formats. We asked them for their responses to a few questions. Not every person returned their surveys. And a few responses were incomplete because even the survey has developed and changed over time. In the tables below, you may read the answers to their questions, which we have compiled.  



Answers to questions #1-3 are reflected in the "Participant ID" for each participant’s competed survey. No names are saved to any of the completed surveys for privacy in use. Also, because our sample is small at this time, the indicators for questions #2 and #3 are withheld for purposes of privacy.

#1. Please circle whether you are re you male or female?
This information is indicated by the second place in the identification number:  “22FEg” is a female.

#2 What is your first language?
This information is indicated by the third place in the identification number: “22FEg” is an English speaker.  So far the surveyed participants reflect 3 different first languages. 

#3 In what format did you work through this study? 
Answers to this question are indicated by the fourth place in the identification number “22FEg” was in a group study.

#4 Nineteen weeks is quite a long Bible study to commit to. In addition to that, this is a study on the topic of sex. These two factors would probably make this study rather intimidating for some people to take on.  What would you say to a person considering whether or not they want to participate in this Bible study?

#5a At any time, did you feel uncomfortable because your personal boundaries were violated by the way we approach the topic in this study or in the group? Y or N

#5b Did you feel that this Bible Study about sex was relevant to your thoughts, feelings and experiences? Y or N

#6 This study is strongly scriptural.  Most people believe that the only way the Bible addresses the topic of sex is by laying down fundamental rules that "must be followed". What would you say is the emphasis of this study?

#7 Courses such as this one often lean heavily in one direction or another.  They may be strongly feminist, or else they may be very legalistic, emphasizing a belief that women are inferior and “must submit” -especially to their husbands.  How did you find this study?

#8 How has participating in this Bible study affected the way you think about the sexual relationship?

#9 Is there anything you have thought of that you would like to share with me?

#10 Are you glad you participated in the Redeeming Sexual Love Bible study?

#11 Has it changed or had an impact on your relationship with your spouse?

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