Redeeming Sexual Love, Weekly Quotable

Weekly Quotable: I shared this course with my husband every Monday night and just by that communicating, we understand each other much more. –Participant 4F

12 May 2016

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Divine Love Is Not Out Of This World

Greg and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on September 7th. For the first time in many years, we took a week to celebrate, remember and just enjoy. We enjoyed God's goodness in our lives and being thankful for the journey He's walked with us. We enjoyed thoughts of our children, His creation and His many gifts demonstrating the power of His love. Understanding is one of them.

Never believe the notion that a man can never understand a woman, and a woman can never understand a man. Men are not from Mars, and women are not from Venus. God placed us both on planet Earth; so, together, we could live in relationships of integrity and trust. Marriage is all about building trust to live vulnerably and confidently with one another; it is about equipping one another to face what comes each day.

There were times that I hated being married, and times that Greg really wanted to walk away. Looking back we know perseverance in difficult times, and pursuing understanding in our relationship were necessary. Because we never gave up, our love is strong and trust unwavering.

Perseverance through frustration has served to strengthen our unity and the bond of love we share. We usually understand; and now, we can communicate openly, lovingly and yet honestly when we don’t. We don’t have to agree. But we do have to understand, and be willing to come to a mutual conclusion. Godly restraint, honestly communicating our hearts, comprehending one another’s needs, and submitting to one another, are vital in this process.

We are confident in our relationship. There is no sense of shame in the vulnerability this process requires. Greg and I trust, and know that what we go through, we’ll go through together. This understanding and trust have become the platform and foundation we depend upon when we face that which threatens our sense of self and well-being.

God designed a husband and wife to support and equip one another to face life’s challenges. He designed mankind to live together meaningfully and supportively in relationships, where vulnerability is not fearful, and trustworthiness is plentiful. This kind of relationship has been far removed from most of us, and we are bound by broken relationships. Still, each of us longs for the connectedness of another, who understands. Marriage is God's practice ground, the place of working out our salvation from this brokenness and bondage. Never give up on understanding this very special and sacred relationship. When a marriage commitment is made, it becomes God's plan and the path to bring two people together, and back into relationships and connectedness such as God designed.

We certainly don’t approach perfection. We just want to encourage you, that by God’s plan He is a miracle working God! It is our prayer that He’ll continue the good work He has begun in your life and ours.

Thanking God for His faithfulness in our life and yours,
Greg and Carlene