Redeeming Sexual Love, Weekly Quotable

Weekly Quotable: I shared this course with my husband every Monday night and just by that communicating, we understand each other much more. –Participant 4F

12 May 2016

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Journey of Twenty Nine Years!

This week Greg and I took a few days away to celebrate our 29th anniversary!  Each year at this time, I find myself reminiscing about what our relationship looked like in 1985, and how we got to where we are today.  In the last decade, I am always amazed at what the Lord has done… and thankful!

Our wedding day was fun. But the journey toward becoming one, physically, emotionally, and spiritually had a rocky beginning. I’m so thankful for the way that God changed us by giving us a new understanding of some old truths. In the late 80’s, I never could have imagined that our marriage could be good! Great! And growing still, in 2014! In Redeeming Sexual Love we’ve shared the life-changing truths, which have lead us on this path. I thought today, I’d share briefly what that journey looked like.

1985-1990 I was growing increasingly unhappy, and Greg couldn’t comprehend my unhappiness or what my needs were at that time.

In 1990 God confronted me.  I had never been honest with Greg for the sake of honesty, without an agenda for his change. And in that interaction, when I, for the first time was able to just share my heart with Greg without expectation, God began to change our relationship.

1990-1998 Greg applied the Ephesian 5 principles in order to love me as Christ loves the church. I began to trust Greg in a way, which had not been possible in our past.

Eventually I began to recognize that there was something within me, which prevented me from “being there” for Greg physically as he needed, and as I desired to be.

In 1998, God showed me from His Word that the physical relationship of a husband and wife is reflective of His relationship with us, the church. And He caused me to view sex as a celebration of life, and His love!

1998-2012 As we learned to celebrate life together, He led us in a journey toward freedom, which goes beyond our physical relationship. We made a commitment to the Lord to share our journey whenever He gave that opportunity. 

God wants all of us to be free from legalistic practices and an ambiguous and faulty understanding of what is a “good” and “right”.  These are "twisted truths"… lies, which often characterize our "religion".  God made a plan for us to experience this freedom. And Jesus led the way in understanding that plan: it's all about relationships!

2012-2014 In recent years we have had opportunities to share these truths and bits of our story with individuals and couples. These have resulted in the writing of this Bible study.  We continue to take these opportunities, and through them Redeeming Sexual Love is continuing to be refined.

We praise God for what He has done, and what He is doing. Our prayer is that together each of us will find fulfillment and freedom as we live our lives growing in our relationships together and with our God.